Is knife crime becoming an increasing challenge for Law Enforcement Officers in Australia?

Protecting your hands keeps you in the fight - Level 5 cut resistant glove is a must have for every Law Enforcement Officer in Australia.  

Do you really have the right protection for your fingers and hands?

Are you confident your issued gloves have the Protection, Dexterity and Functionality for you to feel TRULY protected?

Is knife crime becoming an increasing challenge for Law Enforcement Officers in Australia?

Ask any Law Enforcement Officer from around the world and they will tell you how critical it is always for them to have knife defence and fluid resistant gloves at their disposal and for them not just any pair of gloves will do.  Those traditional issued gloves with seams that don’t fit like a glove and you can’t feel a thing are practically worthless they are just cheap and past their used by date.

Thankfully recent advancements in material technology have taken tactical gloves to the next level.  100% HPX lining protects not only palms BUT ALSO the back and sides of the hand AND 360 degrees around each finger.  Before you order or buy any old tactical glove you need to know about the HDX ELITE and SENTINEL Level 5 Cut resistant tactical gloves now available to Australian Law Enforcement Officers.  Not mechanix oakley gloves.


Made with HIPORA Breathable fluid Resistant Membrane protection from water, oil, blood, saliva and other bodily fluids, Armour Skin on the palm and fingertips for added strength, durability, protection and grip.  HPX Lining offers protection of front, back sides and fingers of hand with LEVEL 5 cut protection EVEN WHEN THE GLOVES ARE WET (something most cut resistant gloves DO NOT offer).  Machine Washable (lay flat to dry).

USA First Responders say it’s the #1 tool every Law Enforcement Officer should own as it could be a lifesaver.  In today’s world, there are many threats officers encounter while on duty which traditional leather gloves do not offer protection for.

Gloves available online from tactical gear distributors reviews and discount codes available 

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