Best Police search gloves Australia

Police Officer Invents High Dexterity Cut and Slash Resistant Leather Patrol Search Gloves for Duty Use

Author: 221B Tactical

Ask most any police officer or operator what the most important feature is for them in a pair of gloves and the response is unanimous...DEXTERITY!


Because no matter how cool they look or what kind of protection they offer, if you can't DO what you normally do (like feel small objects and fire your weapon) without gloves on, it almost defeats the purpose of wearing gloves in the first place. And that's precisely why New York City based 221B Tactical developed their newest gloves for police officers and first responders; The Sentinel Gloves.


Best search gloves Australia police


Best search gloves Australia Police


The all-leather Sentinel Gloves feature 360 degree, level 5 cut protection thanks to 221B's exclusive HPX lining. This flexible lining inside the glove provides the protection needed against sharp blades and edged weapons while still providing superior dexterity for the wearer.


This comes as no surprise considering the company's Founder and CEO is himself a law enforcement veteran who spent 13 years in a patrol car and on the streets conducting countless searches, pat-downs and arrests.


The form-fitting design, proprietary to 221B, gives these gloves a custom fit and feel unlike any other glove featuring this level of protection. The result: Gloves that protect your hands without sacrificing dexterity or your safety. Add in the smart-phone friendly touch-screen finger tips and you have yourself a pair of gloves like nothing you've ever seen before.


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