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Technician DoorJamm

Technician DoorJamm

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Technician DoorJamm

This printed DoorJamm is clearly marked with "TECHNICIAN WORKING" on both ends and "CAUTION" + "DO NOT REMOVE" on one side.

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Use a DoorJamm to control the door while crews work inside secured facilities, electrical and mechanical rooms, offices, buildings and even rooftops to prevent unwanted lockouts.

This a professional alternative to other door stops with a clear notice to others that technicians are working inside.

Using DoorJamms allows technicians to keep the client’s property stay free of any damage, helps climate controlled rooms stay within limits and reduces unwanted noise from being a nuisance in occupied areas.


The DoorJamm tool is USA made synthetic rubber

The DoorJamm is versatile, stretches over 200% its original size, reusable, easy to carry, weather and chemical resistant.

1/16" thick x 3" wide x 10" long (15.5cm x 7.5cm x 25cm)

Operating temperature Range: Brittle at -56.67 Celsius / Melts at +121 Celsius

Weight: 28g


DoorJamm is intended for use on these handle types:

Round or Oval door knobs

Door levers


Push Plates/Pull Plates

Commercial door pull handles

Magnetic door latches/plates




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