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Deluxe Zulu Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs Pack MSA0020

Deluxe Zulu Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs Pack MSA0020

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Deluxe Zulu Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs Pack MSA0020


Generally, the body is programmed to sleep best overnight when you work different shifts throughout the week it may be more difficult to get enough sleep.  Struggling to sleep with disturbing noise and light of daytime.  Shift workers often complain of being tired, both on and off the job.  It may be harder to concentrate and be alert while at work.  The combination of the Zulu Deluxe mask and sleep + ear plugs help you achieve deeper and more restful sleep allowing you to wake up full of energy and more rested than ever!


The Zulu Sleep Mask eliminates 100% of light entering your eyes. This creates "pure darkness" for your brain, which then increases your Deep and REM sleep. Just a tiny amount of light hitting your eyes whilst you sleep can have a dramatic impact on melatonin levels and sleep quality. We have custom-designed wider and deeper memory foam eye cups that allow you to fully block 100% of light hitting your eyes while still being able to open and close them. These cups are made with super soft, breathable, and durable materials that gently cuddle your face without putting any pressure on your eyes.

Conventional sleep masks do not always fit all head shapes and sizes, letting in too much light through from the top and under the nose area.

Our ear plugs are made from medical grade silicon improved sound blocking design created to mould over ear canal, they create a tight seal which completely blocks out sleep disturbing noises such as snoring partners, noisy neighbours, or whatever disturbs your sleep.


Large memory foam eye cavities that are fully adjustable to suit all head sizes.

Wider and deeper eye spacing that puts zero pressure on eyelids and lashes.

A 100% light-blocking design. Total blackout guaranteed.

A Contoured design, making it suitable for back, belly, and side sleepers.

An adjustable non-slip headband with micro-Velcro that keeps the mask in place all night.

A breathable, easy-to-clean cotton material

A mask prefect for night shift workers who need to sleep during day light hours or traveling where you can control your light environment.


Medical grade silicone, Non-toxic and Waterproof. 

Washable and reusable easy to clean with warm soapy water, the included travel case keeps them safe and clean when they are not in use.

Non-sticky formula

Custom Fit soft mouldable soft silicone putty adjusts to your ear shape.

Secure fit painless earplugs seal without falling out.

Earplug Diameter:   10mm x 9mm (W x H)   


1x Zulu Deluxe Sleep Mask with storage pouch

6 x Sleep + Ear Plugs with case



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