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Klick Fast Crocodile Clip Dock with Anti Tilt Attachment

Klick Fast Crocodile Clip Dock with Anti Tilt Attachment

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Klick Fast Crocodile Clip Dock with Anti Tilt Attachment




The Crocodile Garment Clip featuring a KLICK FAST Dock at the front can be attached to shirt epaulettes, shirt plackets, pockets, belts, trouser pockets, jacket zip openings and skirt/trouser waistbands. It is an easy and quick way to attach a KLICK FAST Dock to garments for secure, hands-free carrying of KLICK FAST-enabled portable devices. The spring-loaded clip opens to allow the back plate to slide inside a pocket or behind a garment then the front of the clip closes over the outer garment. Small, serrated teeth within the jaw of the clip and a strong tension in the spring mechanism ensure a firm grip over fabric.

Once docked, the device can be rotated into any of seven ratcheted positions depending on comfort and access preferences. No matter at which angle the Crocodile Garment Clip is positioned on the garment (e.g. horizontal on a shirt placket), the device can be docked in any orientation (e.g. vertical) or rotated to the preferred angle. In some circumstances, ill- or loose-fitting pockets or garments may cause a device attached to the KLICK FAST Crocodile Garment Clip to tilt downwards. For body-worn video cameras, this may compromise the quality of the footage captured.

Includes Anti-Tilt Attachment, when fitted to the Crocodile Garment Clip, corrects the angle of the device allowing the lens to be focused in the right direction. When there are no issues with a garment, the Anti-Tilt Attachment can be easily removed



Dimensions: Crocodile Garment Clip: Length: 90 mm Width: 48 mm Depth: 21.75 mm.

Anti-Tilt Attachment: Length: 122.5 mm  

Width: 54.5 mm Depth: 22.5 mm

Weight: Crocodile Garment Clip: 0.040 kg approx.; Anti-Tilt Attachment: 0.022 kg approx.

Material: Front Moulding and Anti-Tilt Attachment: High-impact nylon in black;

Rear Moulding: Polycarbonate ABS in black;

Spring and Pin: Stainless steel

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