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KLICK FAST Screw on Retro Garment Dock

KLICK FAST Screw on Retro Garment Dock

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KLICK FAST Screw on Retro Garment Dock.



The Klick Fast Screw-to-Fit Dock allows any existing garment to be retrofitted with a Klick Fast Dock. The front moulding featuring the Klick Fast Dock is positioned in front of the garment and the rear moulding is then aligned behind the garment. The four stainless screws supplied are then screwed through both mouldings and the garment to secure the Dock in place.


  • Quick and easy to upgrade garments to the Klick Fast Carrying System
  • The wearer can position the Dock in the precise location required for carrying their device


Weight:  0.23 Kg
Dimensions:  W 59mm x D 15mm x H 59mm
Colours:  Black
Materials:  Peter Jones Nylon; Foam screws
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