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Nextorch V55 X-Carry MQD Holster Systems

Nextorch V55 X-Carry MQD Holster Systems

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Nextorch V55 X-Carry MQD Holster Systems


The NEXTORCH V55 is a cutting-edge flashlight holster available in 2 sizes and equipped with the innovative NQD (Nextorch Quick Draw) system. Featuring a minimalistic design and optimizations for weight and practicality, this holster is designed for long-term use in demanding environments.

With its tool-free adjustment, the V55 provides a secure fit for a variety of flashlights, ensuring quick draw capability in high-stress situations. It offers 360-degree rotation and angle lock. With it's adjustability to fit a variety of duty and civilian belt widths and cross compatibility with MOLLE systems, this holster is ideal for seamless transitions between various mounting locations, enhancing modularity and user experience.

Fits Nextorch TA15, TA30C, E52C - 21-31 mm head diameter /1 9-23 mm body diameter.


Material: Crafted from durable Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon.

Belt Compatibility: Suitable for belt widths between 38-50 mm.

Weight: The standard model weighs 76 g, and the large model is 80 g.

Dimensions: Standard - 125 x 49 x 59 mm;

Flashlight Fit: Standard fits flashlights 21-31 mm head diameter /1 9-23 mm body diameter.

The NEXTORCH V55 X-Carry MQD Holster Systems represent the pinnacle of tactical efficiency.

Advanced Functionality:

The holsters' 360-degree rotation feature enables users to direct the light to the precise point of need, enhancing the versatility and utility of the flashlights they carry. This rotation system is particularly beneficial for hands-free operations, allowing for sixteen different set angles, facilitating optimal illumination in varied operational environments.

Innovative Design:

The V55 has the NQD (NEXTORCH Quick Draw) System, which secures the flashlight while allowing for rapid deployment. The redesigned locking mechanism is a significant advancement, effectively eliminating the chances of accidental releases. This design also has a weight reduction of 40% compared to previous models, which translates to increased comfort for extended wear and use.

Built for Comfort and Durability:

Acknowledging the rigors of tactical use, the holsters have been designed with a smoother and rounder base, preventing any snagging and ensuring seamless movement with the user. The robust construction is paired with an updated clip design, ensuring compatibility with MOLLE systems, duty and civilian belts, broadening its application across different gear configurations. Side pulls locks have been reinforced, offering additional security against loss.


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